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Meet Ncobile

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Nbobile – Zakhele member - 2013

No one can forget that amazing smile and huge sense of fun that Ncobile bought to the 2013 group. When she left she got a job in a large Super Spar where she has become an indispensable member of their team and is currently participating in a management training scheme. She is grateful for the opportunity she had coming to the UK and said that this experience is what made her stand out from others to get her the job. She has been working for them now for 6 years and is raising her gorgeous 14 year old daughter.

We always visit her at Super Spar en route to Thembalethu, as we shop for provisions for our visit. We look forward to our big hugs and laughter and we are thrilled to still be in touch with her all these years later.

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